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The heart of Clivolution is recruitment. With our focus on clinical research and the resulting extremely active network, with Clivolution we offer you as a company the opportunity to have your open positions filled optimally, at a high quality level and at the same time cost-transparently. In a short concise first call, we talk about the values that are important to you and to us as well as about the mutual framework conditions. In a subsequent, more detailed second call with all stakeholders, we go into more detail about a potential mandate. And only then you can decide whether we are the right partner for your company. Contact us now,  if you are looking for new employees who are exactly the right fit for your company – we can solve it!

A difficult topic for many companies, outplacement often brings its own, unique and unknown dynamic. A dynamic that results in the need for change. A change that costs something. In this case, staff. The reasons for this are very different and often complex. But the decision to do so is usually unavoidable and has already been made. Clivolution supports companies that have to take leave of employees or even entire departments. With our services, we make this process smooth, sensitive and cost-transparent and turn your employees’ uncertainty into confidence. Confidence that helps them to take the next steps in their career with joy. As a company, you show your employees what many wish for when they leave – appreciation in a difficult time. At the same time, you increase the loyalty of employees who remain with the company, as you present yourself as an empathetic and tactful employer. Contact us now, to find out about our various packages for both, specialists and managers of all levels – we are happy to be at your side!

Our focus on clinical research enables us to support different departments through targeted analysis and advice at a high professional level. Our expertise comes from our own operational activities in clinical research. This means we communicate with each other on eye level and, in addition to theory, we also master practice. We cover your necessary needs using our own efforts and with the support of independent experts with whom we have long-standing partnerships. Our approach is always a holistic one – we advise companies on setting up and restructuring departments, as well as on the professional qualifications of the respective employees. And we do not ignore the impact that the optimal interaction between different departments can have on your company’s success. Contact us now, to benefit from our professional expertise in clinical research – we make your departments fit for current challenges!

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