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„Are you ready to invest in the next step of your career?“

Often in life, a look from the outside, from a certain distance, proves to be extremely beneficial. Clivolution offers you exactly this view from the outside. Because as an employee, you are more than busy enough every day dealing with the challenges of your job. And we, in turn, work every day to advise and support people. And to get you ready for the next steps in your career. We don’t just listen, we pay attention carefully. To show you career development opportunities. No matter what professional situation you are in and what level you are at. Our consultations are always based on your individual needs. Depending on your needs, we sharpen your profile, analyze your options together, show you ways that you have never seen before and connect you with companies relevant to you through our numerous contacts. Contact us now, for a free initial consultation. After this meeting, we will show you what opportunities we see to support you. And only then you decide whether we can be at your side – it will definitely be worth it for you!

Do you have a clear vision in your job, in your relationships, for your resources, for your future? With the Clivolution academy, we offer you a one-to-one experience that will help you to develop a clear vision and a sharpened profile. We accompany you as you move forward strengthened, from your past and present into the future. With the combination of personal conversations with us and times spent working independently on your profile using our academy papers, you will start to a path where you have a clear idea of where and how you want to set your priorities in the future. During this time, you will have identified practical steps on how you will live out your profile in the future in order to benefit positively from it. Our holistic approach always leads to astonishing results and changes, from which you will benefit in the long term. Contact us now, for more information on content, scope and duration – from our hearts we will be happy to advise and support you!

reverse selection
Our high-end full package accompanies people from their current company on the next step to a new company. There are many motivations for change. Consistently. But often not the exact right new position on the market. With reverse selection, we offer you as a candidate the opportunity to commission us to take the next steps together with you. Based on intensive, in-depth on-site interviews, we work with you to analyze your career to date, sharpen your profile and use the red line in your CV to find out together in which area, in which companies and at which level you can work in the future. Application training, coaching and continuous, close communication complete our process. Through our numerous contacts in a wide range of companies, we can open doors for you, advise you on the best possible approach and guide you step by step to your new job. Contact us now, to discuss together whether and how we can support you with reverse selection on the way to your new job.

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